It's my absolute mission is to help women show up confidently—in their bodies, in their choices, and in their lives.


Hi. I'm Devon Day Moretti, but you can call me Devi.

My work expands in many different areas—from fitness to body confidence to mindset to sex. And it all relates back to the most magical spell of all—self fucking love.

A spell that will dramatically change the trajectory of your life.

And I’m here to put that spell on you.

To help you reclaim your worth. To encourage you to make autonomous and empowered choices. And to teach you how to unpack all the bullshit holding you back from showing up powerfully in your being.

Are you ready to experience the magic?



Let’s Get Personal

The majority of my vocabulary consists of curse words.

I pronounce Reese’s cups like Reecey cups (it’s also my favorite candy—I eat one every single day because #moderation).

I wear clothes that show off my body, and I won’t apologize for it or for the way my body looks.

I believe in exploring your sexuality in whatever way that feels most authentic to you.

I love the word slut. You can read about why here.

Dry shampoo and coconut oil are my best friends, because I almost never wash my hair and I lather my body in ungodly amounts of coconut oil after I shower.

I have insecurities, cellulite, stretch marks, rosacea, and sometimes I feel suuuuper self-conscious.

...Oh and on occasion I drink too many glasses of wine.

I’m only human 🤷‍♀️