Are You Dependent on Others Approval and Validation?

𝐀 π‚πŽππ‚π„ππ“ πŸ’‘π˜žπ˜©π˜’π˜΅ π˜ͺ𝘧... the attention and care and approval you’re desperate to receive from someone else, is exactly what you’re failing to give yourself?

Pause and ruminate on that for a moment.

Did it ring loudly in your ears like it did for me? What a concept, am I right? This notion that every need and desire you crave from another human are the very things you need to give to yourself.

The love.
The affection.
The undivided attention.
The quality time.
The words of affirmation.
The thoughtful gifts.
The acceptance.
The s€x.

All of it can be given to you, by you (🀯).

When we depend on others to validate us, to love us, to hear us, and to support usβ€”it leads to our demise. We end up in a constant search, lacking fulfillment, always needing more, never feeling like we’re enough, and completely losing ourselves.

And it’s because we’re searching outside ourselves; everything we need can be found looking inward.

You don’t need anyone to give you what you want, you have the means to give it to yourself. And then, when someone else adds to your cup of love, it overflows because it’s already full; as opposed to the empty cup that perpetually drains the minute someone isn’t there to fill it.

I’m inviting you to take a closer look at what you’re longing for and instead of finding someone else to give it to you, give it to yourself.