Courtney's Transformation Story

Courtney’s story and transformation after going through EmpowerHer Coaching:

What was your biggest concern before you started working with Devon?

My biggest concern before signing up with Devon was if it was going to be worth the investment or if it was really going to help me.

…soon enough, I discovered, it was worth every penny.

What did you struggle with the most before this program and how did Devon help you overcome it?

My biggest struggle I had before I started this program was that I hated my body. I was completely wrapped up in body image insecurities. I hated having my picture taken and would never let people post them unless I approved. Devon helped me unpack and overcome those insecurities. She made me realize cellulite and my body shape was completely normal. That I was defined by my size. And most importantly, she taught me to love myself—just as I am. She showed me the beautiful soul sitting inside me whose worthy of love and appreciation.

What was your favorite part about working with Devon?

My favorite part about working with Devon is her potency to motivate and having her be my biggest cheerleader!! She was / is my hype queen. I could tell her one small thing I did, and she would celebrate the small success with me. She inspires me and I always love hearing what she has to say.

Also, she’s relatable and real AF. It feels like you’re talking to a friend, not just a trainer or coach.

What is one life-altering lesson you learned through this program? 

One life-altering lesson I learned from Devon is to be compassionate toward myself. To be loving to myself like I am to others. To be kind and gentle with my words when I speak to myself.

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