Elizabeth's Transformation

Elizabeth O'Hare's transformation after going through EmpowerHer coaching.


What was your biggest concern before you began working with Devon?

One of my biggest concerns before starting my journey with Devon was, “am I going to fail?” After trying diet after diet, and never following through or seeing change I would automatically give up. So one of my biggest concerns was “am I going to fail, be a quitter or let her down.” 

What did you struggle with the most before this program and how did you overcome it?

I struggled with self-confidence not just before this program, but it has been a struggle of mine, my whole life. In years past, my self-confidence and self-esteem were always so low, it was even noticeable to people around me. Devon has helped me SO MUCH! If you were to know me then and talk to me now, you would think I’m a whole new person! I walk into a gym with all the confidence in the world now! I’ve learned to love myself in a bathing suit, to set reasonable goals, and I’ve learned not only to have self- confidence but self-love, because I’m an amazing person and Devon has helped me to see that!

What was your favorite part about working with Devon?

One of my favorite parts about working with Devon is her availability! Whenever I needed her, whether it was a nutrition question, exercise question, or just needing to talk and vent she is there for me. I love the weekly check ins, because it holds me accountable but I don’t feel forgotten either. Whether it’s email, text, or phone call she has been such a great coach and mentor, but most of all I’ve gained one kickass friend! ☺ 

What is one life changing thing you learned through this program?

NO ONE IS PERFECT! Devon is an amazing coach. She makes me take responsibility if I start to get off track, but she also reassures me that “ no one is perfect...” we are all going to eat that piece of cake, or drink that glass or two of wine with friends and that is okay, because that’s fucking life. You have to enjoy life, just because you are making a life style change, doesn’t mean you have to give everything up. She has helped me understand that! She has helped me with so much, through the holidays, through funerals, through summertime, etc. Many of these events I felt like I fell off the band wagon, but she never gave up on me. Always there to help me, and remind me “no one is perfect, its life and we all go through it.” <3

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