belly breathing

One simple way to reduce stress

Did you know there is a proper way to breathe? Better yet, did you know breathing can help you reduce stress?

Sounds silly, right? But, after learning about it myself and incorporating it into my daily life, I was completely blown away. It not only has improved my movement, but it also has helped to reduce my stress. 

I am excited to have collaborated with James Fryer, a massage and neuromuscular therapist, so he can dive in and teach you all about breathing. 

How I incorporate it into my life to reduce stress: 

Whenever I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I like to take a moment and do 5-10 belly breaths (sometimes longer if I really feel I need it).

This practice is essentially a way to meditate since it allows you to stay present, slow down and focus on your breathing. Such a small difference, that creates a huge impact. 

If you would like more informative videos like this or have more questions about belly breathing, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to provide :) 

Take a deep breath ;)