coconut oil as makeup remover


Coconut oil is legit liquid (solid liquid) gold because you can use the shit on everything. This is the one item in my household that I always have, in fact, I even keep two jars of it at all times. 

The best quality coconut oil is the cold pressed unrefined organic coconut oil in the glass container. I typically have one of the higher quality jars for eating and then I buy one of the cheaper jars for basic things. As I've mentioned there are so many different ways you can use coconut oil that it is unheard of. I haven't tried all the different ways but I have tried quite a few and I am about to share with you my favorite ways so here we go:


I thought everyone knew that coconut oil is okay to eat but then when I told my nana I ate coconut oil she said, "Devon this is a beauty product, you don't eat this!" So in case you didn't know, yes you can eat coconut oil. Coconut oil is actually really good for you because it's so nutrient dense.

I use coconut oil to swap out other oils most of the time whether I am cooking or baking. But one of my favorite ways to add it to my diet is by blending it in a blender with coffee, if you haven't tried that, go do that.

P.S. the coconut oil has such a mild taste so don't worry about your food tasting like coconut. Trust me, I am not a huge fan of coconut so I wouldn't cook with it if it did.


I never use anything else besides coconut oil to take off my eye make-up because the shit is magic. I know a lot of people actually wash their face with it, this is a complete hit or miss though because coconut oil can cause breakouts. I personally only use coconut oil to take off my eye makeup.


I legit only ever use coconut oil as lotion. I have one bottle of lotion and I've had the bottle for almost a year now because I never use it ever since I found coconut oil. As long as you don't mind smelling like coconut and you are patient enough to let it dry on your skin for 3-5 minutes then you must try this! It not only makes my skin soft, but has helped my complexion and sometimes I feel like I am glowing.


I like to coat my hair in coconut oil for 20-30 minutes before I wash my hair as a deep conditioner a few times a month. If you do this make sure that you shampoo it really good out or else it will make your hair look greasy.


Oil pulling is one of those healthy things that a lot of holistic gurus are into. I incorporate it into my routine as much as possible and I have noticed a huge difference in my teeth (aka being whiter). If you want to learn more about this, read here.


I have naturally curly frizzy hair which can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. When I get fly aways or frizz, I melt a little bit of coconut oil between my fingers and lightly (do not overdo it) rub it over the fly aways or frizz and viola, gone.


Some people say that coconut oil has a natural spf and some people say it doesn't. I personally do not recommend using this as a sunscreen, even if it does naturally contain spf because I highly doubt it's strong enough. But what I do use it for is tanning oil, and then 15-20 minutes of being out in the sun, I will add a natural spf for coverage.

So that covers it. Those are my 7 favorite ways to use coconut oil. If you have tried anything other than these ways, please share in the comments so I can try it out as well :)


Devon Day