how to be bikini body ready

How to be photoshoot ready

A few weeks ago I did my first boudoir photo shoot thanks to the amazing photographer, JJ Noel. A few years ago I could have never imagined being able to do a photo shoot like this because I did not feel comfortable in body, let alone stand practically naked in front of someone else. So today I want to share with you how I went from that girl to the girl standing confidently in front of a professional photographer.

TIP #1: Prep a little

Now I don't mean strict dieting and excessive exercising months, weeks or even days before. What I mean by prep is to do things that help you feel good and/or more confident about yourself. This could simply be shaving your legs, spritzing on some of your favorite perfume, or even having a hair stylist style your hair (unless you are skilled - I am not in that department lol). I mean who doesn't feel like a total fucking babe after getting their hair done? Thank you JJ and Alisa for hooking me up with bomb ass hair and makeup!

TIP #2: Relax and have fun with it

I remember my first shoot .... I was as nervous as my very first kiss lol. I want you to realize that it's a normal to have butterflies and feel anxious going into it. So take a moment to sit with those feelings but then walk into the shoot owning it and have fun with it! You have to remember you are just getting your photos taken, not taking the ACT, it's not that serious so just relax. This should be fun!

TIP #3: Work with a photographer who makes you feel good about yourself

I've had a photographer once decline me because I wasn't "lean" enough. I was lucky enough to be in a place of comfort and happiness with my body not to let it completely tear me down, but it still made me feel uneasy to be honest. Since then, I've always been selective about who I choose to work with. You want to pick someone who makes you feel good about yourself, accepts you as you are and constantly reminds you that you are beautiful while you are standing in front of the camera. Thank you JJ! :)

TIP #4: You don't need to be a certain size to be beautiful

For the longest time I held myself back from doing photo shoots because I felt I needed to look a certain way because that's what I saw in magazines, on Instagram and what the media constantly bombarded in my head. I thought having stretch marks, cellulite and not having abs meant that I was flawed. I used to think that being super lean would make me more worthy, more likeable and more beautiful. All of which is so far from the truth and the media has been lying to us for years. You do not have to change what you look like to be worthy or to be in photos. You are enough right now, as you are.

TIP #5: Work with someone who knows what they are doing

I've worked with photographers who don't give direction and/or correct you if something is out of place which is quite difficult and frustrating. A good photographer will give you examples, correct you, fix your hair and guide you throughout the entire shoot. As you can tell in the video below, JJ did an excellent job at this!

So those are my top five tips on how to feel more confident in front of the camera! If you are looking to get photos done and you are located in Columbus, Ohio I highly recommend working with JJ. She will guide you, ease some of the nervousness and make you feel absolutely stunning!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you found that helpful! :)


Devon Day