Have a Better Day Instantly with this Mindset Shift

This morning I woke up late, stubbed my toe, and spilled coffee all over my white shirt within an hour upon waking. I used to let this small cascade of unfortunate events set the tone of my entire day, which typically was, “it’s a really bad day.”

From there, I was operating from a negative head space. And when you’re in that space, anything undesirable that happens—you’re going to look at it and say, “Of course this happened, because it’s a bad day!” When you say it’s a bad day and you’re committed to staying there—you are (sometimes unconsciously) actively looking for things to confirm the narrative as true.

Here’s something I want you to consider, and then internalize:

You have a choice.

You get to decide if it’s a bad day or if it’s a good day. You have complete power of how you respond to any situation, at any given moment. So while you aren’t in control of what happens to you—you are in control of how you respond, react, and feel about it.

No one, and no situation can make you react or feel a certain way—you’re in charge of how you choose to respond and feel (🤯).

Trust me. I get why this is a hard reality to accept, because now the fingers always point back at you. You’re taking radical responsibility for your actions and feelings, which means you have no one else to blame but yourself.

But, when you realize you’re granted with a choice, it‘s a powerful gift that can dramatically alter the trajectory of your life.

The next time something undesirable happens, try this: Separate yourself from the situation. And then let go of what you can’t control and accept what you can—how you respond.

You can choose to play victim OR you can choose to say, “it is what it is” and accept the circumstances without it ruining your entire day.

I choose the latter, how about you?