staying on track during the holidays

How to enjoy the holidays AND still reach your fitness goals

Tis' the season to overindulge. It's no question as to why people have a hard time staying on track during the holidays. From Halloween all the way to the New Year, there is always a reason to drink more alcohol, nibble on a few treats (or more than a few) and grab a second plate. 

How on earth are you supposed to stay on track while you enjoy yourself? Better yet, is that even possible? 

The answer is: abso-fucking-lutely. 

I am not about to give you some asinine advice like: eat before, bring your own meal, skip the alcohol, only stick to the healthy foods, or weigh yourself to hold yourself accountable. Staying on track doesn't require any of that nonsense — especially the last one.

My advice is a bit different. And not to be biased, BUT my advice is better — much better and much more enjoyable. 

However, before I get into the good stuff, I need to address the underlying issue, which is: most people approach it with an all or nothing mentality. The minute they feel like they "messed up" or got off track, they feel as though they ruined their progress and have to start all over. This concept is entirely nonsensical. 

Eating something that isn't "diet" friendly or missing a weeks worth of working out is not what causes people to mess up. It's the mentality around thinking they did or that they let that spiral back into their old habits and don't get back into their routine.

You see, there will be occasions when your nutrition isn't as precise and dare I say - times you have to skip a workout. And that — that right there is called life. It does not mean you have to stop everything you've been doing and wait until Monday or the New Year to restart. You simply move on from it, and continue your fitness journey; because, you do not have to be perfect in order to live a healthy lifestyle or even make progress. 


If you find yourself indulging a little more than you normally do — that is okay. It's the Holidays — it's bound to happen. 

If you have to miss a workout so you can go Black Friday shopping — do it. I probably will too. 

Hell, if you have an entire week off from working out — it's fine. Just get back into it the following week.

Got it? Okay good. Now that we've got that out of the way - lets dive in, shall we? 

Pick the foods you love. 

Eat the foods you love, and skip out on what you don't. Just because the fruit cake is being served, it does not mean you have eat it. It seems like common sense, but I find that a lot of people eat food just because it's there or because they feel obligated to eat it for the holidays. But honey, you're an adult — you can make your own decisions. You don't have to eat anything you don't want or don't love.

Another little tip I follow personally is, I skip out on the foods that I can get anytime of the year and stick to eating the foods that come once a year. So for example: if there are brownies and pumpkin cheesecake severed at Thanksgiving dinner, I choose the pumpkin cheesecake since that typically only comes once a year. 

Remember, you can save it for leftovers.

Instead of stuffing yourself until you feel sick (which I used to do), you can enjoy these foods in moderation throughout the week. To hell with cheat meals, you don't have to limit yourself to one day. 

Eat protein and veggies, too. 

Because health. 

But also, filling up on veggies and protein can help prevent you from overeating AND it aligns with your fitness goals. 


Continue to workout as consistently as you can. I also think that getting a workout in first thing in the morning is helpful because you get it out of the way and it helps to put you in the right frame of mind. 

And, I know this time of the year can be busy but even doing something quick is a good way to keep you on track. Something like: 20 kb swings, 10 kb thrusters, for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. 

Relax, gorgeous.

Chill out and enjoy yourself. This is the time to cherish moments with your friends and family — not stress out about food. So, enjoy yourself, enjoy the food and get back into your routine the next day. Guilt is not aloud. 

I told you my tips are fucking awesome. Now, go enjoy the holidays, stress free :)


Devon Day