The No-Bra Movement

After my last #TeamNoBra post, some people either misinterpreted my message or missed the entire point of the post. So, I’d like to expand on that.

The no bra movement isn’t necessarily about not wearing a bra, it’s about asking yourself *why* you’re wearing it.

Most women I’ve talked to don’t want to wear a bra, but feel pressured to for whatever reason they do.

If you have bigger boobs like me, you might feel you need to buy bras to conceal them because showing them is inappropriate, slutty, and means that you’re asking for attention (this one irks me 🙄).

Or, you might have smaller boobs and don’t feel like you’re “womanly” enough so you buy a bra to make them appear larger.

Perhaps, you have one boob that’s bigger than the other and you buy bras to make them look perfectly symmetrical.

Whatever the case may be, it’s just another way of society telling women how they should look and how they should show up and if they don’t, it’s wrong and needs to be fixed.

“Make your boobs perkier...bigger...smaller...
symmetrical...conceal your nipples.”

^^ that’s the fucked up part, that’s the part I’m not okay with.

You shouldn’t feel obligated, because it’s your body and you get to make the rules. And you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed for the way your body looks.

So, I want you to sit with this for a minute or two. Really examine if you feel you need a bra. If you want a bra. If you like a bra. Or if you wanna say, "fuck a bra."

And, again, there's no right answer. Some women love bras. For some women, they really do alleviate some back pain. For others, they feel a bit more comfortable.

None of that is wrong, because it's right for them. But those are all individual cases for individual women who've asked themselves the question and come to their own conclusion to guide their decision. That's the important thing.

That’s all I want you to do. I'm not telling you to burn your bras or toss them out, or to immediately stop buying them. I'm just asking you to take a minute and really think about why you’re wearing it.