Valerie's Transformation Story

Valerie Molina's transformation and story after going through EmpowerHer coaching.


What was your biggest concern before you began working with Devon?

My biggest concern before I began working with Devon was that I wasn’t going to last very long in the program. I honestly thought that after a week I would give up because I just thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it/wasn't worth it enough to get it done. I was really scared of that outcome and thought about it all the time.

What did you struggle with the most before this program and how did Devon help you overcome it?

What I struggled with the most before this program was how I saw myself. I hated myself and my appearance and everything about myself. I’m not kidding you, everyday for YEARS, whenever I’d look at myself in the mirror, I would say either out loud or in my head. “You are so ugly and disgusting and fat, no wonder no one likes you. You will be like this forever.”

Devon’s Self Love course helped me see that I still had a small positive side within myself, underneath all the negativity, and each week that side of myself grew stronger and stronger. Now, when I look in the mirror, I actually admire myself, and praise myself for how far I’ve come. I never thought that I would ever get to that point. 

What was your favorite part about working with Devon?

My favorite part about working with Devon was that she was readily and easily available to hear you. For me, it is so important to have accountability and support, and just someone to listen. She is always there for you, and that is what helped me push through all the negativity within myself and in my life, and the challenging workouts that really tested me mentally and physically. That kept me going - knowing that I wasn’t alone anymore like I had been my entire life. 

What is one thing you learned through this program?

I learned so much throughout this program, it’s hard to list just one thing. I learned that I am capable of doing so much more than what I thought. I learned that it's ok to challenge and push yourself even though it can be scary to do so. I learned to appreciate my hard work and to admire myself for my accomplishments. I learned how important it is to take care of myself through healthy eating and physical activity - and how to make those things fun. I learned that it’s ok to be different and how important it is that everyone is not the same and to appreciate everybody’s differences - unlike what society tells you about how you should be and what you should look like. That’s just a few things haha, there’s so much more!


Valerie lives in New York with her boyfriend and is a mom to two adorable kitty cats.

She has a full time job in the restaurant industry that almost always requires her to stay overtime. And because of her hectic schedule, she only works out twice a week (occasionally three - if time permits).

The reason I love Valerie's physical progress is because it's proof that more is not better. Better is better -  better is what WORKS best for you. In this case, two days a week is better because it's what she can stay consistent with and still enough for her to make strides toward creating insane progress. 

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