Your Feelings Have Something to Tell You

It’s haunting you. It consistently shows up in the face of the dark, knocking—aggressively, loudly, and repeatedly at your door.

And there you are, shaking, absolutely petrified. Instead of opening the door to face the the very thing that keeps coming back, you lay there, paralyzed. Plugging your ears. Trying to ignoring its existence.

It starts to seep into your body. Trembling your bones. Trapping itself, uncomfortably in your chest. Gripping you so tightly, you begin to suffocate.

You wish it away, but it stays, consuming you.

Perhaps, my love, this dark presence is not here to scare you, but to serve you. Maybe, just maybe, your resistance to face it is the exact reason it remains.

It’s knocking louder and louder because it has an important message to deliver. It so desperately has something to tell you.

I want you to open the door and let it reveal its truth.

Because whatever visitor is haunting you—anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, emptiness—it’s purposefully placed in your life to serve you.

I promise. It’s presence is its way of loving you.

The reason it tightly grips on to you is to constantly remind you that you need to listen to it. It’s causing you immense discomfort in hope that you’ll eventually move from where you are because it wants to reorder your life.

All it wants is to help you. To support you. To show you that there’s work to be done in your life. That something in your life right now is stealing you away from freedom and joy. Something isn’t in alignment.

Don’t be afraid of it. Open the door—feel it, face it, talk to it. It’s arrived to support your expansion and guide you to your hearts deepest desires.

There’s light masked under the darkness. Unmask it.

With love,