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If you’re looking for support, advice, or love my work and want to learn more about how my teachings can be applied to your needs—you’ve come to the right place.

Lightening Lessons are one-on-one coaching calls created for you to gain clarity, direction, and walk away with tangible tools on how to navigate whatever storm you may be walking through.

These sessions are completely confidential. You are safe to be open, vulnerable, and vocalize whatever is coming up for you.


That’s up to you, bb.

My work expands in many different areas, so these calls can cover a wide range of issues, including: body image, nutrition, fitness, sex, sexuality, relationships.


  • You want guidance, but don’t have the wherewithal to go through my entire coaching program

  • You want actionable steps on how to feel more at home in your body and comfortable in your skin

  • You want an expert’s advice and feedback on your current fitness or nutrition plan, but don’t necessarily need a full plan

  • You want to learn how to unpack and shed negative beliefs, stories, and insecurities

  • You’re questioning your sexuality and need a safe space to talk about what’s coming up for you

  • You’re going through a breakup and want clarity on how to move through it

  • You’re super inquisitive and have an array of questions to ask me, like: how to feel confident, how to have sex with the lights ON, and how the fuuuck you grow your damn glutes

  • You want a judgement free space to ask questions about things you feel like you can’t tell anyone

This is an opportunity to gain radical clarity and receive my loving support. To be seen, heard, validated, and walk away with whatever burning questions you have, answered.

The goods: $75 investment for a 45-60 minute call

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Do you need clarity? Direction? Tools? Or just some support?


I am not a licensed therapist so I can not diagnose, prescribe medication, or treat any illness. These coaching calls are a service I added in response to the high demand of questions I receive daily and for those looking for guidance without going through my entire coaching program.