Jessica's progress in 2 weeks

Jessica Alderson

“Working with Devon was so inspirational. She would always have my back and continue to cheer me on even when I didn’t think I did well that day! Devon provides one on one attention to her clients and makes you feel important. She knows what she is doing and it was never a problem for her to answer any questions. I think the most important part of me working with her, is her ability to create a whole program on learning to love oneself. Let me tell you that it worked really well. I didn’t realize how much I really didn’t care about my happiness until I started her program and the self-evaluation quiz. She taught me that we aren’t the number on the scale; we are whom we are inside. That may sound clique but you don’t realize the amount of work we forget to put in to ourselves everyday and Devon taught me that. So if you want someone who’s down to earth, one of a kind, and inspirational, go for Devon Day Moretti!”

Shawna lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks!

Shawna Smith 

"Devon is absolutely amazing to work with, even given that we only worked together virtually. Despite the fact that she couldn't physically be with me to keep me on track, her presence was never far. Believe it or not, her presence is just as effective as paying double for a trainer to have in person. Her program has really taught me how to love myself more and how to embrace a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Devon has also taught me how to hold myself accountable for my actions without adding negativity to the mix. She's there when you need her most and has an answer for every question you could ever have. I've lost twelve pounds with my first 4 weeks of working with Devon and continue to lose with the tools that she has provided me with. She's an absolute sweetheart and one of your best supporters."


Elizabeth O'Hare

"Talk about one kind hearted, caring person. Devon has been there every step of the way for me. Whether it’s a text, email or phone call--she’s there. She is not just a fantastic coach, but a great mentor and wonderful friend. The confidence I have gained during this experience with Devon is unbelievable--I feel like a whole new woman who has the mindset to take any challenge head on now."


Jenny's progress in less than 4 weeks 


“Working with Devon was awesome! I only worked with her for four short weeks but saw such an improvement in my size and my overall energy levels. She is there to answer any questions you have and adjusts based on your own situation. Plus, she helped me break my weight loss plateau!”


Kinsey's progress in 2 weeks

Kinsey Snyder

“My experience working with Devon has truly changed the way I think about food. I have now successfully learned how to manage each healthy meal in and out of work. This program helped me get my energy back and back to feeling the way people should. I encourage everyone to try it out!”


Emma's progress in less than 4 weeks


“I liked that Devon gave me everything I needed and it was something I could schedule around my day. She gave me the tools to succeed and I believe I was more successful because I was able to go to the gym when it was convenient for my schedule verses having to meet a trainer when it didn’t work for my schedule. And for someone who doesn’t know how to cook.. I was able to cook recipes from the cook book which means they were definitely very doable. I will be eating proats for breakfast for a long long time!”




“Thanks for training me AND encouraging me to eat pizza + love myself!”



Lori's progress in 2 weeks


“I initially decided to trust Devon to help me with my health and fitness because I respected the way she viewed others and herself, and everyone’s individual health journeys. I need a lot of specific modifications due to some physical limitations, and it can be a little embarrassing for me to admit all of the things I can’t do. Devon never made me feel like I should be embarrassed, and was quick to find alternate ways for me to reach my goals. She was helpful, supportive, and I’m glad I went with her!”



Devynne Eldridge

"This is experience has definitely been the best I've ever had. I've tried so many different weight loss programs or fad diets, whatever you want to call it. They work for a month, then I get sick of all the restriction, and end up gaining everything back, plus more. Not to mention every other program focuses solely on physical appearance, and after working with Devon I realized it's probably the least important thing of all. Sure, I made physical changes and lost weight; it's great! But I also managed to be much more productive because my mental health has improved so much. Any trainer can teach you to lose weight, but how many trainers can teach you self-love, sustainability, and be there for you consistently? From my experience, only one--Devon. If there's any decision I'm happy I made in 2017, it was to work with Devon because this has been the best experience I've had."



Kimberly Bussell

“Getting up the courage to reach out to Devon for fitness and nutrition help was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but I’m so glad I did it! Devon is there for you every step of the way, always helping you feel strong, confident, and unashamed. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without Devon’s help. I truly believe she works with you on an individual basis and meets you where you are during your journey with no judgement. I would highly recommend working with Devon!”


Taylor Lorentzen

“Working with Devon was great! She checked in with me to see how I was doing and to see if something wasn’t working. The workouts were different so working out never got boring and it never involved long cardio. I feel stronger and lost weight while working with her. Her program really works and I loved it!”


Hannah Gould

It was great working with Devon cause I needed the accountability – someone to cheer your successes and encourage you when you struggle. I also loved check-ins, because they covered so much more than just food and exercise, it was the whole picture. I hadn’t expected that and loved taking the time for myself to reflect on my week and how I felt.”


Becca McDowell

“Devon is unlike any other health coach out there. She is all about balance which is something I never came across with other coaches I’ve experienced in the past. The nutrition guide was easy to stick to, not restrictive and provided results. My workout program was fun but challenging at the same time. But I think her constant interaction with me is what encouraged me the most. Every time I had a question or concern, she was always there to answer. She sent out weekly checkins with kept me accountable. She made me fall in love with living a healthy lifestyle.”


Taylor Hinkle

“Working with Devon has been such a great experience! I’m learning how to nourish my body to become stronger and healthier, while building a healthy relationship with food. Her approach to food and exercise is not like any other trainer / coach I’ve had before and that’s what made all the difference.”