Why You Should Cry in Public

I’d be lying if I said moving across the country has been easy, or if I said, “I’m fine.” Because it hasn’t been easy. And I’m not fine.

The day I left the greatest city in the world, and even the week leading up to my departure, I’ve been sitting in pain. In the discomfort. In the unease because of the entirety of the situation.

I’ve cried myself to sleep. And I’ve even allowed myself to cry in the taxi. At the airport. On the plane. At the beach. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with—I let it come pouring out. I refuse to play pretend because to lie to you, but especially to lie to myself, would be denying what’s true for me. What’s real for me. What’s taking place inside me.

Nothing right now feels okay, and to experience that feeling IS okay.

I’m not here to live by the “only positive vibes” motto, because quite frankly, it’s bullshit. I’m here for the bad vibes. For the sad vibes. For the negative vibes. And for the painful vibes, too.

I’m here to express and embody the full spectrum of emotions we as human beings can experience. And should experience.

It’s not healthy to suppress what’s coming up for you. To deny yourself the experience to feel whatever is bubbling below the surface is to deny yourself the process of healing and the opportunity to grow.

Feel whatever you’re feeling without judgement, or resistance, or denial. Show up with it. Sit with it. Question it. Ask why it’s here and what it’s here to teach you.

Walk through the wilderness of discomfort, because it’s a vital part of your expansion.

And remember—it’s all ephemeral.

With so much love,